Club meetings are held the first Thursday   

of each month at 7 pm
at the Juda Community Center.


Stateline Trailblazers Mission Statement:
  1. Maintain a system of trails for the use of snowmobiling
  2. Promote the sport of snowmobiling 
  3. Promote good conduct, sportsmanship, safety and conservation
  4. Promote and maintain good relationships with land owners and government agencies


Snowmobilers Code of Ethics:

Driver etiquette and snowmobile safety go hand in hand. You, as a snowmobiler must do your part to make snowmobiling a welcome activity for your area. Snowmobiling can be a disturbance to those who don’t themselves snowmobile, particularly in residential areas. Do not race your engine, or ride the vehicle at night near dwellings, hospitals or other quiet zones. Work actively to keep snowmobiling a great sport by observing the “Snowmobilers Code of Ethics”.


  1. I will be a good sportsman and conservationist. I recognize that people judge all snowmobilers by my actions. I will use my influence with other snowmobile owners and operators to promote sportsmanlike conduct.
  2. I will not litter any trails or areas, nor will I pollute streams or lakes. I will carry out what I carry in.
  3. I will not damage living trees, shrubs, or other natural features.
  4. I will respect others peoples’ property and rights.
  5. I will lend a helping hand when I see someone in need.
  6. I will make myself and my vehicle available in search and rescue operations.
  7. I will not interfere with the activities of other winter sportsman. I will respect their right to enjoy their recreational activity.
  8. I will know and obey all federal, state and local rules regulating the operation of snowmobiles in the areas where I use my vehicle.
  9. I will not harass Wildlife.
  10. I will not snowmobile where prohibited.


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